• Vacuum Tankers

    Vacuum tankers are commonly used for emptying of gully or cesspits. These tankers feature high pressure suction capability and can come in combination with a jetting system  (COMBI) and are perfect for clearing sludge in cesspits and gullies. They are also commonly known as Gully Emptiers, Suction Tankers and Cesspit Emptiers. Their name would usually depend on the type of operation they are designed for. Vacuum Tankers are also used for clearing of waste oil.

    Zenith Engineering offers a tankers with various configurations to suit its function. Different needs of the customer calls for difference specifications for the vacuum pump, system and tank design.  Our technical team is on hand to find the best configuration for your requirements.

  • Meeting your Job Demands – Vacuum Tanker Features

    Zenith Engineering can specify our Vacuum Tankers to meet different customer demands. It is important for the equipment to match perfectly with the job functions. For example, the suction of wet waste, such as sludge, would require a different pump from the suction of dry waste, such as dry sand or gravel. The tank has different variation of pit depth to suit different function and the vacuum system needs to be configured depending on the duration of each operation.

    Our team is on hand to map out key considerations for our customers in choosing the correct Pump, Tank Design and System Design and configuration of the Vacuum Tankers so as to perform its functions effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves in having a detailed understand of our customer’s need a requirement, before furnishing any specification or quotation.

    Zenith Engineering also offers the Combination Suction & Jetting Vacuum Tankers (COMBI) , which is a 2-in-1 unit that combines the function of High Pressure Jetting to clear any sewer blockage before using the Suction Pump to suck up ant debris and all in a single operation cycle and using a single vehicle.

    Prices of a vacuum tanker exclude vehicle chassis and final pricing would depend on terms and conditions such as additional features, quantity of order, urgency of delivery, level of sophistication and commercial terms.  Our COMBI products would have even a wider range as it is even more customised for each customer.

    As Zenith Engineering is a leading supplier in Waste Management, our customers can be assured that our team is experienced to provide the best solution to your Waste Management needs.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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6,000 ltr COMBI tanker on 16 MT GVW chassis
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA15,000ltr vacuum tanker on 26MT GVW chassis


9,000 ltr sludge + 3,000ltr water COMBI tanker on 27MT GVW chassis
VCT-SG-0210JK-TMC-rear perspectv-a10,000 ltr vacuum tanker on 16MT GVW chassis