Tipping Truck / Trailers

Tipping Trucks / Tipping Trailers, Port-trailers, Skeletal Trailers or any Purpose-built Trailers

  • Zenith Engineering designs and manufactures all of our trailers in-house, with a wide range of specialised trailers. This includes Port Trailers (Terminal Trailers), Tipping Trailers, Off-road Tippers and Skeletal Trailers. Supplying to more than a dozen countries around the region.

    Tipping Trailers / Tipping Trucks

    Tipping trailers are commonly available in 20ft or 40ft, which is suitable for standard 20ft or 40ft ISO GP containers. Zenith Engineering can also customise our trailers to 25ft or 45ft on customers request. Customers can also decide on a suitable Tipping Angle, Tipping Speed and Carrying Capacity. Whether it be for on-road or off-road applications.

    Tipper Trucks are available on a rigid chassis from 15m³ to 30m³ body volume. The payload can be maximised to whichever haulage that the chassis is designed to carry or to what the customer desires. Options include:

    • HARDOX Steel or an equivalent Wear-resistance Material,
    • Under-body or Telescopic Hoist,
    • Tail-gate or Open-cowl Design.


    Port Trailers (Terminal Trailers)

    Our Port Trailers are known for its high durability and strength. Its corner-less design is capable of multiple configurations for the carriage of ISO GP freight container. It is designed with a robust 21” universal extruded 40ft I-Beam for its main frame construction. It features cross members that do not protrude the main I-Beam, which ensures the integrity and strength of the main frame. Container guides are constructed from 10mm thick plates with internal ribs for added strength and toughness to last through numerous loading and unloading. Other options are available to meet various port requirements.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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19m3 off-road tipper on 8×4 55MT GVW chassis.

40ft double-frame tipping trailer, 23 MT payload c/w 415VAC hydraulic power-pack.
20ft & 25ft double-frame tipping trailer


89m3 Articulated Tipper-body 65MT payload designed for 103MT GCW Prime-mover for steel-mill

Double-Stack (Port)Trailer for carriage of 4 x 20ft or 2 x 40ft ISO containers.


45ft tandem-axles 60MT cornerless Terminal Trailer c/w pneumatic tyres
Trailer Port-2

45ft tri-axles 60MT cornerless Terminal Trailer c/w solid tyres