• LPG Road Tankers

    Zenith Engineering have been manufacturing Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Road Tankers in Singapore since the late 1980s and have been supplying to many of the major oil companies in South East Asia. That is why, you can trust that our products are built to the compliance of the top oil companies standards.

    Our LPG Tankers are designed to meet ASME Sect VII Div1 or ADR standards and have an option for a manually, electrically or hydraulically operated hose reel. Pneumatic and hydraulic actuated valves are also available options, with Hydraulic actuated valves chosen for their superior detection of leaks. All of our tankers only feature reputable and reliable components.

    Zenith Engineering can match our customers localised compliances. For example, we have supplied LPG Tankers to Hong Kong with complies to their HK GSO on top on strict Major Oil Company requirements.

    Other common names for LPG Tankers: LPG Tank Truck, LPG Tanker Truck, Bowser, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanker, LPG Tank Trailers.

  • Matching Local Compliances – LPG Tanker Features

    Zenith Engineering offers LPG Tanker in sizes typically range from 9MT to 40MT, which are typically chosen depending on the road regulations in each country and the level of productivity of the users. The common standards met by our LPG tanks include the American and French standard (ASME and ADR) . The ADR standard would allow for a higher carrying capacity with lower tare-weight of the tank.

    The piping for loading and discharging have a varieties of options. Example of options can include pumps, digital or analogue meters,  battery-cut-off system, printers, installation of metal-conduits and users can customise the number of outlets.

    The followings additional options can also be supplied if needed by the customers:
    1) Engine Over-run System
    2) Trip-recorder, Tachograph or Vehicle monitoring systems
    3) Anti-Static Tyres(not for Articulated trailers)
    4) Vehicle Reverse Warning or CCTV, 360º Cameras, fire-extinguishers (not for Articulated trailer)
    5) LED Tail Lamps (not for Articulated trailer)

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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17 kltr LPG Tank on 24MT 6×4 GVW chassis c/w fire-retardant coating. Designed to ASME Sect VIII Div1/ADR.


18 kltr LPG Articulated tank 26MT GCW designed to ASME Sect VIII Div 1