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    Zenith Engineering is the official local dealer for Johnston Sweepers. Johnston Sweepers has be manufacturing road sweepers in UK for more than 75 years. They have become one of the world’s market leader for street cleansing vehicles.

    The most popular models that are sold in Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia are the  Truck Mounted  VT series suitable for Main Roads and High-Ways.

    MADVAC is a Canadian, which provides walk-behind Pavement Sweepers. These pavement sweepers improves efficiency, cleanliness and welfare by eliminating the need for hand collection of waste.



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    Truck Mounted

    The VT series aka Truck Mounted Series is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications, the Johnston truck mounted sweepers give prolonged durable and reliable service. These high performance machines features class leading manoeuvrability, robust built and great cabin ergonomics.

    They come in three sizes , the 5m³ , 6m³ & 8m³ , suitable for mounting onto any 12MT, 16MT and 18MT GVW chassis respectively.

    Compact Series

    Johnston Sweepers also offer a Compact Series of road sweepers, it features sweep-gears and drive-trains that are integrated together and therefore eliminating the need for a separate chassis. Compact Sweepers are ideal for cleaning crowded city centres or narrow suburbs. They comes in two sizes ranging from 2m³ to 4m³ for models C201 & C401 respectively.

    Recently launched model C201 comes with 4-wheel steer option has the smallest turning circle in its class (3760mm) and superlative manoeuvrability.

    These high performance machines features high fuel efficiency, driver comfort with great in-cab visibility.

    Sub-Compact Series

    The smallest of the Johnston sweeper is the Sub-compact model. the CN101. A 1m³ single seat sweeper that ideally is small enough for alleys, pavements & parks.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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Johnston Truck Mounted Sweepers available from 5m³ to 8m³
Johnston C401 (4m³) Compact Sweeper
Johnston C201 (2m³) Compact Sweeper


Johnston CN101 (1.5m³) Compact Sweeper