Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) / Rear End Loaders (REL)

  • Refuse Collection Vehicles / Rear End Loaders (RCV / REL)

    Zenith Engineering has been in the manufacturing of RCVs / RELs since mid 1980s, which started as a partnership with a major Waste Management French company, SITA.

    Since 1997, we have been the leading supplier in RCVs. With our own production supplemented with equipment supplied from leading brands in Europe, we have become the leading supplier of RCVs in Singapore, supplying over 90% of RCVs in the country. Our customers know that Durability, Reliability and Safety are synonymous to our products. Products we sell feature components which offer their high quality manufacturing standards. Zenith Engineering offers a wide range of customisation options to suit your job and budget requirements. With roughly half of our production being exported regionally, we are confident in dealing with any domestically specialised requirements and standards.

    In 2004, the company had decided to partner with Dennis Eagle, who have just launched their Phoenix II model. The new upgraded design was quickly accepted into the Singapore market for the 18MT to 28MT GVW models. In 2010, Dennis Eagle Limited was acquired by Ros Roca, Europe’s largest RCV manufacturer and the second largest RCV manufacturer in the world. .

    At about the same time, the Japanese designed FujiMighty, which is manufactured in China, was also included into our product line-up to fill the gap for the smaller RELs suitable for 8MT to 16MT GVW chassis.

    Other common names for RELs / RCVs: Garbage Truck, Refuse Truck, Dump Truck.

  • Quality Reassurance – RCV Features

    Zenith Engineering offers a wide range of customisation and combination options to meet your local specifications. We make it our duty to have a detailed understanding of our customer’s need and we pride ourselves in making this a requirement before any specification or quotation can be furnished.

    The different makes and models of RCVs have great varieties of configurations, features and options coupled with very different levels of sophistication available. The final price would depend on optional features, quantities, urgency, level of sophistication and the commercial terms.

    As Zenith Engineering is a leading supplier in Waste Management, our customers can be assured that our team is experienced to provide the best solution to your Waste Management needs.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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2001 SITA-Zenith model 1910
(with reinforcement body-ribs)

16MT GVW chassis

(No longer in production since 2004)

2007 SITA-Zenith model 1910 improved curved-body

Zenith BLT100 bin-lifter on 16MT GVW chassis

2011 RosRoca OL21W
(formerly Dennis-Eagle Phoenix P2-20W)

Zenith bin-lifter BLT100 on 28MT GVW chassis



6.5m³8MT GVW chassis

2012 FHI CIMC 17m³

Zoeller 405 Bin-lifter on 16MT GVW chassis

2009: RosRoca OL21W
(formerly Dennis-Eagle Phoenix P2-20W)

Zoeller 2301 Auto Lifter on 28MT GVW chassis