Recovery Vehicles (Tow Trucks) / Car Carriers

  • Zenith Engineering have been manufacturing Recovery Vehicles that are safe and reliable. They are built with a robust body design, which uses high-tensile steel for all load bearing structures. Additionally, they feature Load Holding Valves and a Mechanical Lock for the Main Boom with easy access to the main working components. Our vehicle ranges from light to heavy duty applications depending on the operator requirements. We also supply specialised Recovery Vehicles for Port applications.

    Zenith Engineering also manufactures Car Carrier with a Double-Decker design. It features a top deck that can be fully lowered to allow carriage of tall vehicles. 

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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Zenith Engineering Tow Truck

 TS-LD series – Light Duty application designed for access to sheltered car-parks and short-haul towing of normal saloon passenger cars.
Vehicle Chassis 3-5MT GVW

TS-MD Series -Designed for efficient recovery in congested city roads. Suitable for long haul and unladen light-goods vehicle.
Vehicle Chassis: 7-9MT GVW
Zenith Engineering Tow Truck

TS-HD Series – Heavy Duty application designed for recovery of vehicles up to 24MT GVW.
Vehicle Chassis: 16-26MT GVW
Zenith Engineering Port Tow Truck

Port Tractor Tow Truck (Conversion) – Picture shown is a converted Ottawa OT90 Terminal Tractor.
Zenith Engineering Flat Bed Tow Truck

Sliding Platform Recovery System – Flat Bed Tow Truck for recovery of unique vehicles.
Vehicle Chassis shown: 10TM GVW
Zenith Engineering Car Carrier

Car Carrier – Double-Decker car carrier and transporter.