• Petroleum & Diesel Road Tankers

    Zenith Engineering manufactures Carbon-steel, Mild-steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Petrol Tankers or Diesel Road Tankers, AKA Tank Trailers, which are built to be robust and reliable. Our Tanker’s semi-elliptical design maximises the tanker’s cross-section, which allows for increased volume, lower center of gravity and shorter barrel length.

    It also features full-length continues piping without weld joints to reduce the risk of cracks. Our tankers may also come with many other safety features to enhance working environment and protection of the workers and cargo. Our Tankers are designed to meet AS, ASME Sect VII Div1 or ADR standards

    We also supply Aluminium Tankers from CIMC to Singapore. CIMC, China International Marine Containers Vehicles Group (CIMC Vehicles) was founded in 2002 and is part of largest container manufacturing group in the world.

    Currently, the major bulk of our supply is to all the oil majors in Singapore and South East Asia. All of our Tankers only feature reputable and reliable components. That is why, our customers trust that our vehicles are built to the compliance of the standards of the top oil companies.

    Other common names for Petrol Tankers: Tank Truck, Tanker Truck, Bowser, Tank Trailers, Petroleum Tank Trailers, Diesel Tank Trailers.

  • Reliable and Reputable – Road Tanker Features

    Zenith Engineering are manufacturers of Petrol Tankers or Diesel Tankers with capacity that typically ranges from 5,000ℓ to 50,000ℓ and can come in rigid-truck or articulated trailer-tranker. Our tankers can be manufactured to meet the Australian, American and French standards. (AS, ASME and ADR receptively). Each Tanker’s carrying capacities are limited by the road regulations depending on each country’s legislation.

    Tankers are offered in different specifications and we are able to meet the any requirement whether it be from any major oil company or private contractor. Our tankers can be customised in to many different variations such as in areas of tank material, tank components, level of sophistication and safety requirements.

    Due to this level of customisation, we make it our duty to have a detailed understanding of our customers operational needs and we make this a requirement before any specification and quotation can be furnished.

    Zenith Engineering also manufactures steel Petrol Tankers or Diesel Tankers (Mild-steel and Stainless Steel), which are lower cost and are common demand for less developed countries. In Singapore, they are a popular choice for haulier-companies that contract in reselling of fuel.

    The followings additional options can also be supplied if needed by the customers:
    1) Engine Over-run System
    2) Trip-recorder, Tachograph or Vehicle monitoring systems
    3) Anti-Static Tyres(not for Articulated trailers)
    4) Vehicle Reverse Warning or CCTV, 360º Cameras, fire-extinguishers (not for Articulated trailer)
    5) LED Tail Lamps (not for Articulated trailer)

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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tnk_img38 kltr M/S 5-compartments, top-loading, leaf-springs, steel rim, conventional drum-brake tnk_img1
11 kltr, 2 compartments M/S on 16MT GVW
42 kltr Aluminum, 7 compartments, bottom-loading, air-suspension, alu-rim & hubs, EBS system.
20 kltr, 4 compartment M/S on 28MT GVW.