• Road Tankers – Built to Our Customer’s High Standards and Requirements

    Since the 1980s, Zenith Engineering has been the market leader in Singapore in supplying Road Tankers (Tank Trailers) for the haulage of Cement, Flour, Sugar and Chemicals, which include Molten Sulphur, various Acids, Butadiene, Solvents, Methanol and Ammonia among others. Our Tankers are available in Trailer or Rigids and can be manufactured out of Mild-steel or Stainless-steel.

    The specifications of these tankers are often very customised and come with a wide range of options for Pumps, Loading & Unloading Systems, Safety Features, Productivity features and a huge diversity of design options. There is such a high level of customisation that it is best to contact our highly experienced team. We pride ourselves in having a detailed understand of our customer’s need a requirement, before furnishing a specification or quotation.

    Cement Road Tanker

    Zenith Engineering Cement Tankers have a single compartment with a shell thickness of 4.0mm made from BS4360 Grade 43A/ASTM 36 or equivalent mild steel plates. With maximum working pressure of 20psi, which is hydrostatically tested to 30psi. Our Cement Tankers comes with a range of options and fittings available to meet any job or standard requirements.

    Dry Bulk Road Tanker

    Zenith Engineering Bulk Product Tankers can be used for haulage of Pulverised Ash for example or even Food Bulk products such as Wheat Flour. Our Tankers are built with the highest quality standards to meet your job requirements. With many options and fittings available.

    Other common names for Road Tankers: Tank Truck, Tanker Truck, Tank Trailers, Cement Trailers, Bulk Trailers, Silo Trailers.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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33 kltr, 2 compartments S/S304 flour tanker
c/w Drum Air-blower
26 kltr single-compartment mild steel cement
13 kltr S/S316 Single-compartment
Molten-Sulpur tanker

49 m3 (21.5MT) SS304 Wheat Flour Tanker
for 40MT GCW 6×2 PrimeMover
21.5 kltr single-compartment on 8×4
, 34 MT GVW chassis
Stainless Steel for Multi-load and various