Kärcher Water Supply System

  • Mobile Water Supply Systems from Kärcher – Futuretech GmbH

    Zenith Engineering Pte Ltd has been in close partnership with Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH for more than 20 years in Singapore. Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH is a worldwide well-known specialist for protection and supply systems; it is currently active in the business areas of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) Protection Systems, Water Supply Systems, Field Camp Systems and Services. Zenith Engineering’s strength in system integration has allowed the state of art technology developed by Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH in the various fields to be well integrated accordingly to customer’s stringent requirements in Singapore.

    Zenith Engineering Pte Ltd and Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH have been working together to customize and supply Water Supply Systems to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in Singapore. The strong technical knowledge and experience of Zenith Engineering Team has delivered customized systems integrated onto SAF selected vehicle platform and frame mounted solution for different deployment scenarios and functions.

    At Zenith Engineering, our maintenance team in Singapore ensures all equipment supplied is well-maintained regularly in tip top operational conditions to meet the vigorous demands of the Singapore Armed Forces.

    Since 2005, Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH have been developing, testing and supplying tailor-made solutions for the effective defence of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) attacks in urban and natural environments. In the event of an emergency or crisis, Water Purification systems and Water Supply systems are crucial.


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  • Water at its best: From source to consumption

    Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH helps with its reliable and innovative water technology on site. Whether with purification units from the Waterclean series or with the filling solutions “Water Packaging” or “Water Bottling”: The basic requirements for safe drinking water are guaranteed to be met.

    (Futuretech, 2015)

    Water Purification

    Water Purification systems are essential for sustainability whenever clean drinking water is scarce or inaccessible. These compact systems are designed to be highly mobile and have low energy consumption, which makes it perfect as a contingency plan and for them to be deployed during any emergency or crisis situations.

    These systems come available with either Ultra Filtration or Reverse Osmosis Filtration.  Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH guarantees that the basic requirements for safe drinking water are met.

    Zenith Engineering and Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH offers highly mobile water purification systems with very low energy consumption, which can be broken down into portable, individual modules for transports. The Ultra Filtration systems come in output capacities of 2,500ℓ/hour and 5,000ℓ/hour.

    For Reverse Osmosis Filtration, modular systems are offered for production of drinking water from all natural raw water resources. The system comes in output capacities of 500ℓ/hour, 1,600ℓ/hour and 3,000ℓ/hour. With the option to include on-board electrical power generator or mounted on a trailer.

    Please click on the below link for the Cyber Pioneer publication released by the Singapore Armed Forces on one of the water purification system supplied.

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    Water Supply and Storage

    When the is access to clean drinking water and when distribution time is crucial, Water Supply Systems are essential to supplement purification systems and speed up distribution of water consumption.

    Zenith Engineering and Kärcher-Futuretech GmbH Water offers Water Bottling Plant, which is a fully automatic system which operates at a high productive rate of producing filled water bottles (Up to 1300 bottles/hour) and it is highly mobile as the entire system fits into a container. Also available is a Water Packaging System, which comes on a trailer that automatically fills Tubular Bags (Up to 1,600ℓ/hour). The benefits of on-site bottling saves on transport cost and time, which further reduces effort for logistics.

    Modular water packaging systems are also available for packing water into Tubular Bags. There are various types on Tubular Bags available depending on size and type of water stored (Raw, Drinking and Waste). They also come in Pillow shaped, Onion Shaped or Container form. Container-based water storage system features electrical heating, UV-disinfection and chlorination.



    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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 Drinking Water Onion Tubular Bag – 10,000ℓ Capacity

Karcher Water Supply System - Reverse Osmosis

 Waterclean WTC 1600 GT – Modular Water Purification System on Trailer

Drinking Water Storage Tank

 WSDC 16 Container-based water storage system – 16,000 ℓ capacity with heating system, UV-disinfection and chlorination.

Water Bottling Plant

 WBP 1300 Water Bottling Plant – Fully automated production and filling


 Water Purification System supplied to SAF