• Dust Screws

    Dust Screws or Spiral Waste Bins are common applications are found in HDB apartments, high-rise public and private housing, commercial buildings and hawker centres.

    The Dustscrew is a fully automated devices, reducing the need for manual work and eliminating the need for heavy lifting. It also boast the characteristics of having general overall cleanliness and ease of operation.

    Since the 1990s , all apartment development built by the Singapore Government’s Housing Development Board (HDB) are installed with Dust Screw units, with every single block having a single unit.  Zenith Engineering has been the market leader in Singapore by having an average of over 80 units installed per year from 1990s to 2010s.

    The unit offers a range of sizes with an additional range of options to suit your job specifications and requirements. Example of such options:

    • Fire Control Systems
    • Bin-lifters, Manually Operated Hoppers
    • Automated Washing

  • Affordable & Efficient Waste Management System – Dust Screw Features

    The biggest advantage of Dust Screw from our customers is the convenience, its high level of efficiency, hygiene and affordability. As it can offer clients and customers an affordable solution to improved waste handling due to its low dependancy of labour.

    Residential waste are bagged and thrown into a central refuse chute, which is directly connected to the Dust Screw unit. The waste is then collected by a conventional Refuse Collection Vehicle / Rear-End Loaders (RCV/REL) trucks on a daily basis.

    Zenith Engineering manufactures the Dust Screw to the highest of quality standards with sizes ranging from 4m³ to 14m³.

    The final price depending on optional features, quantities, urgency, level of sophistication and the commercial terms.

    Zenith Engineering also offers custom-designed units for commercial and private residential apartments, which have Bin Centres separate from the main building. These were commissioned with the incorporation of Bin-lifters. This design would allow for bins to be manually pushed to the Dust Screw units, where the bins are mechanically lifted to allow the waste to be deposited.

    As we a leading supplier in Waste Management, our customers can be assured that our team is experienced to provide the best solution to your Waste Management needs.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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