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  • Taylor Bins – Bulk Trash Bins

    Zenith Engineering represents Taylor Bins, with their Continental™ range. Taylor supplies the world’s most durable Waste and Recycling Containers.

    Taylor Bins are tough, resilient and with none of the safety issues surrounding plastic bins. They have the structural stamina to maximises productivity of your bin fleet and generate whole life cost savings that are far superior to other bin types, delivering true value for money.

    Their galvanised steel construction combined with patented design innovation ensures your container fleet not only meets but exceeds EN 840 European Standard and complies with the UK Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) guidelines giving you peace of mind with every purchase. That’s just one of the reasons why Taylor Bins have sold over 1.4 million containers world-wide.

    Other common names are: Bins, Trash Cans, Trash Bins, Rubbish Bins and Drums


  • Exceeding all Standards – Taylor Features

    Every Taylor Continental™ bin is manufactured with premium components and are tested to exceed all standards and environments of use. They are also certified to EN 840 and meets the WISH guidelines for safe operation.

    The following is list of features of Taylor Continental™ bins

    • Long Life Span and High Strength  – Each Bin body is hot-dip galvanised which exceeds the challenges Rough Handling and Heavy Loads and also the High Humidity and Heat climates in Singapore and the region
    • Lower Cost – 60% more cost effective than Plastic Containers due to longer life span
    • Fire Containment – Can be refurbished after a fire where a plastic container is destroyed. Also does not release harmful smoke and gases
    • Light-weight – Weighing at 95kg (1100 Litre Container) is much less that old style steel waste containers that can typically weight 150-200kg

    Taylor Continental™ bins can be lifted by a variety of mechanisms including Comb Lifting Bar to 840-2.  They can be optioned with locking mechanisms to keep out scavengers, vermin or to keep in bad smells. Bins can also be powder coasted to Pantone or RAL colour  of your choice.

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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Taylor Bin
Taylor Bin Continental™

550 Litre

Taylor Bin 660

Taylor Bin Continental™

660 Litre Galvanised Steel Finish

Taylor Bin 820
Taylor Bin Continental™
820 Litre


Taylor Bin 1100
Taylor Bin Continental™
1100 Litre
Taylor Bin Fire Test
Taylor Bin Continental™
Fire Test against Other Bins
Trash Bin

Standard Waste Bin