• Bitumen Road Tankers

    Zenith Engineering have been manufacturing Bitumen Road Tankers (Bitumen Tank Trailers) in Singapore since the 1990s and it is currently supplying to many of the major oil companies in South East Asia. Design and constructed in accordance to AS2809 of elliptical cross section and UN ADR Tank code.

    Our Bitumen Tankers are typically designed with the storage capabilities of 200°C, where the typical storage temperature of Bitumen ranges from ~170°C to 190°C. With the option for the gear-pump mounted internally for optimum operation and with a high-flow discharge rate.

    The external surface of the Bitumen Tankers are typically insulated with thick 350 grade rock-wool covered by 0.6 mm of thick stainless steel. Our customers have a choice of either gas, compressed air operated kerosene burner or diesel burner, which comes with flame failure cut off.

    Zenith Engineering offers Bitumen Tankers are available with either articulated or rigid trailer with the Tanks painted typically in black or left with the original stainless steel finish of the external cladding.

    Other common names for Bitumen Tankers: Bitumen Tank Truck, Bitumen Tanker Truck, Bowser, Bitumen Tank Trailer.

    Other alternate names for Bitumen Tankers: Asphalt Tankers, Hot Oil Tank Trucks.

  • Constructed to Meet Standards  – Bitumen Tanker Features

    Zenith Engineering offers a variety of options available with our Bitumen Tankers, which include:

    • Either an internal or external pump
    • Choice of make and model of pump
    • Hi-Lo Box & Pump
    • Type of Insulation
    • Gas, Diesel or Kerosene Burner and various safety features


    The followings additional options can also be supplied if needed by the customers:
    1) Engine Over-run System
    2) Trip-recorder, Tachograph or Vehicle monitoring systems
    3) Anti-Static Tyres(not for Articulated trailers)
    4) Vehicle Reverse Warning or CCTV, 360º Cameras, fire-extinguishers (not for Articulated trailer)
    5) LED Tail Lamps (not for Articulated trailer)

    For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team or visit our literature page to download more technical information.

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28kltr Single Compartment Bitumen Tanker-
Trailer, 39MT GCW PrimeMover.
13 kltr Single Compartment Bitumen Tanker
for 25MT 6×4 GVW chassis
18 kltr Single Compartment Bitumen Tanker for
30 MT 8×4 GVW chassis